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*Connmold is a group. There are headquarter and factory and office. 

*CM Technology is established on May 2019, located in HongKong, its the headquarter. 

*Our factory located in Dongguan city Guangdong province China, Team is about 60persons.

*Our office is located in Chang’an town,dongguan city,Guangdong China. The office has its sole name Dongguan Kangmo electronics co.,ltd

*Connmold team has 20years on connector and mould

*Lora and Camera is our next field on 2023
*we focus on RF connector, Antenna, Farka, USB type c connector, pogo pin magnetic connector,and waterproof usb type c connector, PCB,RJ connector,micro usb connector etc.

* Quality is the first in our group.

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