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What is card connector ? which one is sim connector?

There are so many card connector in market, what is your real request? and how to recognize them?

Actually, for card connector or card socket, firstly, we should to know, what is the card. because the card is inserted into card socket or card connector, then, the card can work.

Frankly speaking, from above , you can know, the card connector or card socket is the object which connect card and PCB board.

The card can classified to Following items, and you should know that, each card have their association, normally, the association maker is very famous company in the world : Now we discuss the popular card as below: 
* PCMCIA association
* CF association
* MS association, there is MS card and MS duo card;
* SD association, there is SD card, microSD card,mini SD card,SD 4.0 card, micro 4.0 card, SD 7.0 card,micro 7.0 card.
* xD association
* SIM association, there is SIM Card, mini SIM Card, micro Sim card, nano sim card.

Currently, PCMCIA, CF, MS, xD is used not so widely. we currently discuss SD and SIM .

Why PCMCIA,CF,MS,xD is not popular? because the size of these card is big. You know that, all Electronics equipment is smaller and smaller. So that, microSD card and nano sim card is popular.Frankly speaking, the bigger of card size the easier to design.And the bigger,the capacity is bigger too.

For SD series, the normal SD card and mini SD card, microSD card. As below, the shape and dimension is different.

For SIM series, as below picture, you want to know why not have SIM card,the SIM card is the dimension as your bank card or your credit card.

While the one,who said ,SD socket, that means, this is for SD only
if it is mini SD socket, that means, this is for mini Sd only
and so on, if it is microSD socket, that means, this is for microSD only

But, sim socket, or sim connector, that is not for sim card, that is for mini sim card. 
then, micro sim socket or micro sim connector, that is for micro sim card only
then, nano sim socket or nano sim connector, that is for nano sim card only

So, if you have any questions or need to discuss, please feel free to contact Neal, his email is :connmold@foxmail.com

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