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Product Center - HOT-compatible type - compatible with ipex
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Item Part number Description Package ?pcs/Reel Compatible with A A company part number
1 CMRFA661001 RF Coaxial Connector Receptacle I tape reel 5000 I-PEX 20279-001E-01
2 CMRFA661003 RF Coaxial Connector Receptacle III tape reel 3000 I-PEX 20369-001E-01
3 CMRFA661004 RF Coaxial Connector Receptacle IV tape reel 3000 I-PEX 20449-001E-01
4 CMFAK661009 Dual row R/A header assembly tray 200 Molex 348302001
5 CMFAK661010 3pin connector tray 50 NEUTRIK NC3FAH2-0
6 CMDCZ661012 battery Black tray 4000 TE 1775485-1
7 CMDCZ661013 battery Black tray 4000 TE 1-1775485-1
8 CMDCZ661014 battery Black tray 4000 TE 2-1775485-1
9 CMWUC661001 usb type c waterproof type 6pin IP66 tape reel 700 Molex 2171770001
10 CMWUC661002 usb type c waterproof type 6pin IP66 tape reel 700 Molex 2171760001
11 CMUCF661001 usb type c SMT female type shell dip length is 0.50mm tape reel 900 Molex 1054500111
12 CMUCF661002 usb type c SMT female type shell dip length is 0.80mm tape reel 900 Molex 1054500101
13 CMUCF661003 usb type c SMT female type shell dip length is 1.30mm tape reel 900 Molex 1054500121
14 CMUCF661023 usb type c all dip upright type 14pin tray 1000 Molex 2169890001
15 CMUCF661025 usb type c DIP female type Side entry all through hole type 14pin tape reel 700 GCT USB4085
16 CMMSM661005 micro sim+ micro sd combo 2.28mm height tape reel 1000 Molex 1041681620
17 CMMSM661007 micro sim card connector push push normal type  tape reel 1000 Molex 503960696
18 CMMSM661009 micro sim push push type 1.80mm height tape reel 1000 TE 2174803-2
19 CMNSM661007 nano sim socket 1.13mm height tape reel 2000 Molex 1042240820
20 CMNSM661004 nano sim socket 1.37mm height tape reel 1000 TE 2336582-1
21 CMSIM661004
sim plastic socket yellow button
15U" Au
tape reel 500 Molex 912283001
22 CMSIM661004T
sim plastic socket yellow button
5U" Au
tape reel 500 Molex 912360001
23 CMSIM661006
sim plastic socket bblack button with pisitioning
15U" Au 
tape reel 500 Molex 912283002
24 CMSIM661007 sim plastic socket  tape reel 500 Molex 912283007
25 CMSIM661007T Tray for sim plastic socket  Bag 100 Molex 912360001
26 CMSIM661002 sim plastic type  tape reel 800 Amphenol C707 10M006 500 2
27 CMSIM661016 sim hinge type tape reel 600 Molex 473882001
28 CMSIM661009 sim push push type wich detect pin 1.80 mm height tape reel 600 Molex 476030001
29 CMMSD661001 micro sd push push type tape reel 1000 Molex 473521001
30 CMMSD661010 micro sd push pull type 1.42mm tape reel 2000 Molex 104031-0811
31 CMMSD661011 micro SD flip type tape reel 1200 Amphenol 101-00303-xx
32 CMMSD661014 TFR header micro sd push pull type  tape reel 1500 Molex 47359-8651
33 CMDPF661001 Display port reverse type tape reel 390 Molex 1050190005
34 CMHMF661006 HDMI  A TYPE SMT Shell through hole tape reel 480 Molex 741510051
35 CMPTM661002 hi-tech Hall potentiometer tray 40 ALPS RKJX21224001
36 CMMC3661003B micro usb b 3.0 vertical type 15U" Au tape reel 600 Mill-Max 897-10-010-00-300002
37 CMMC3661001A micro usb 3.0 b SMT type tape reel 1500 Amphenol GSB343143HR
38 CMPHM661006 Wafer 2.54 mm pitch with polarized Notched PE bag 3000 TE 640456-6
39 CMWAF061009 WAFER 1.50 pitch 4pin tape reel 2000 Molex 5040500491
40 CMSFP661001 SFP 20P 1X1 0.80mm pitch tape reel 600 TE 1367073-1
41 CMSFP661002 SFP Cage Press-fit type tray 264 TE 2227302-1
More product are on their way, if you need anything ,please feel free to contact Mr. Neal, his email is :connmold@foxmail.com
More product are on their way, if you need anything ,please feel free to contact Mr. Charles, his email is :connmold@163.com
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